Beautician plucking a beautiful man eyebrows with tweezers in a beauty salon


People often ask us at CVD what we notice first on our clients’ faces.

For myself, faithful readers, it is the eyebrows. Unibrows, raggedy brows, too long brows, scraggly brows, ect., make me want to whip out the wax and tweezers and make the world right again.

Eyebrows should frame your eye. They should not be the center of attention. Well groomed brows with a nice arch add to the beauty of your eyes.

Forget the Marlene Dietrich look!  To our young, beginning tweezers, i say DO NOT OVER TWEEZE! If you continue to tweeze to the nth degree, your brows may nit grow back. Ask your mother, your aunts your grandmothers about this phenomenon. The look you love at 15 you may not want at 25.

One last bit of advice. Go to a professional the first time you have your brows groomed. Of course, we at CVD do phenomenal eyebrow arches. But, if you aren’t fortunate enough to avail yourself of our services, visit salons that offer this service. Check out the clients who have just had their brows groomed. You may find the perfect salon for you.

and remember…. EYEBROWS ARE A BIG DEAL!!!