CVD Staff Gets Results

Being skeptical about new products, we, the humble CVD staff, decided to try one of our most popular procedures and see if, indeed, we could regain the youthful, high cheekbones, that disappeared as we aged.  Voila!!  The results, dear reader appear below.

photo 1


The scary picture on the left shows my face (Toy) before and after!  Unfortunately, I had no idea how frightening I appeared.  The lovely, sweet face you see on the right shows me after 3 (and I do mean 3) syringes of Voluma.  I should have this lovely appearance for two years.  Then midnight strikes and I will probably need another syringe.  Beats getting multiple facelifts!


In the first picture, you see Vanessa (only in her early 30’s) before getting Voluma.  Despite being a young pup, her laugh lines need some help.  She looked like a frowning Fran!!  2 Syringes of Voluma softened her lines and lifted her jowls.  She really could use Juvederm now to fill the remaining lines!!


Now Domi (the little pie face) needed just a minimum uplift on her cheeks.  Because we wanted to show the results of  3, 2 and 1 syringe of Voluma, Domi was elected to receive only 1 syringe.  An additional syringe would throw her back to her 90’s look.  As you can see, this 1 syringe lifted her jowls and “photoshopped” the lower portion of her face!!

Voluma is injected into the cheek area.  There is little or no pain involved.   To be honest,  one needs 2 syringes to achieve the desired effect in the cheek area.  You want to look refreshed but not plastic.   The expertise of the physician injecting the Voluma, is of paramount importance.  Before receiving any cosmetic treatment, due diligence is required to ensure you get “the face you want.”  In saying that, be realistic in your expectations.  A 40, 50, 60, 70-year old is never going to look 30 again!

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