Let’s Talk About Bacne!

Pimples and redness on back of young man

Acne and redness on back of young man

There are obviously a number of reasons, dear readers, that one experiences the unfortunate problem of bacne (acne on the back).


Again, acne is a disease and may require internal medication in order to be controlled. However, today let’s assume one may not need internal medication.


Bacne can be the result of :


  1. Using a cleanser with moisturizer;
  2. Using a shampoo with lots of junk in it such as fragrances, etc:
  3. Using a conditioner with lots of extra junk in it;
  4. Using lots of gel on your hair;
  5. Taking steroids for body building.


Do not use a body cleanser with moisturizer if you suffer from acne on your face of bacne. The last thing you need, dear reader, is more oil or lipids on your body.


We suggest using a shampoo and conditioner without a lot of the froo froo in them so that the ingredients in them don’t come in contact with your body. The same goes for gel on your hair.   If you use gel, wash your hair before you go to bed in the evening. That way the gel doesn’t get on your pillows and sheets and get transferred to your body.

 We won’t discuss steroids as we just know our faithful followers would not succumb to that temptation.

As a final note, sufferers from acne usually age very well. You will realize this when you go to your 20th high school reunion, and you look so much younger than your former classmates.