Makeup minimums for a polished look

Beauties are made… not born… particularly after a certain age. Rarely will you ever see a photo of a celebrity – male or female – that has not been photo shopped. This photo shopping has made so many of our ladies lament over areas of their face and body they do not think measure up to the ridiculous, unrealistic standards perpetuated knowingly or unknowingly by today’s celebrities.

simple-makeup-basicsI know of no female over the age of 30 who can wake up, shower, brush her teeth,  and walk out the door to work…and still look professional and presentable.  A touch of makeup is a must!!  We are not talking pancake foundation and three shades of eye shadow, etc.  We are talking a few simple, timeless classics:

  • day time eyeliner
  • a touch of shadow
  • powder
  • tweezed eyebrows
  • a suitable shade of lipstick

Of course there are a few things you must not have:

  • no hairy upper lip or chin
  • an UN-suitable shade of lipstick – no iridescent glow-in-the-night shade of pink or orange or purple or black
  • no lip line drawn outside the lips to make those lips look larger (that is the equivalent of the comb-over on men)