Sunblock or skin cancer part 2


Now dear readers, if there is any daylight visible, a sunblock or sunscreen definitely needs to be applied to your face, neck, ears, hands and bald, shiny head.

Let me share my morning routine with you.  After washing my face, I first apply Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum  to my face, neck and the top of my hands.  This serum allows your sunblock or screen to be seven times more effective.  You only use a tiny bit of this serum.  If you need additional moisturizer, apply it after the serum. Then I apply my sunblock or screen and triple milled mineral powder.


During the cooler months, I use a screen on my face and then apply a triple milled mineral powder (which, of course, dear readers we sell at CVD). Epionce, Revision and Jan Marini manufacture my favorite screens.

In the warmer months I apply a  block to protect my face and body from the sun.  Again, I first apply C E Ferulic and then the zinc transparent block. Naturally we at CVD sell the best in the world Revision, ZO, Elta MD, and Obagi, sunblocks.

Until our next blog dear readers remember Mr. Sun is not our friend!