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We Sell Only Genuine Skincare Products and Conform to Manufacturer Requirements | Skin Care Products and Treatments - Central Valley Dermatology

We Sell Only Genuine Skincare Products and Conform to Manufacturer Requirements

We take manufacturer requirements very seriously.

REAL PRICE SHOWN ONLY IN CART.  Some manufacturers have restrictions about what prices we can publicly display on the website.  That is why some products say “Add to Cart to see the our discounted price.”

FORMS.  Some manufacturers require certain information be gathered or communicated before a sale is made.  We take these requirements very seriously, and that is why for some products you are asked to fill out a form before ordering.  Additionally, we may call to confirm the information you’ve provided, so be sure to give us valid contact information when you order.

Prescription products.

Some products require a prescription to dispense.  These products have forms with very specific questions that gather information for our medical staff.  When you fill out one of these forms, please be as thorough and specific as possible, and please read any links offered about special safety information or side effects.

Other sites don’t do this – why?

We have no idea why some other skincare sites offer prescription or manufacturer-restricted products without any effort to follow requirements.  It does bring into question whether they are selling fresh, legitimate products.  It is known that many name brand skincare products are being counterfeited, and lots of expired product is being sold online as well.

For example, here is a review from Amazon regarding a purchase of TNS Recovery Complex that was bought through the Amazon marketplace.  We think this is a good warning about why who you purchase your skincare products from really does matter:

“At the bottom of the outside packaging box, there is a 6 digit black Lot Number stamped on the box. If you call at their toll free number, and give them 6 digit lot number they are happy to tell you when the product was manufactured. Unfortunately, I recently purchased this product [from an Amazon supplier] which was manufactured 2 years 3 months. The color of the gel was brownish which is a signal that the TNS complex recovery gel was old… This is an expensive product so “buyer beware”!! You do not want to purchase this product if it has expired because it could be LESS EFFECTIVE.”

We only sell the real thing, UNexpired and at a competitive price!

We only sell genuine, un-expired skincare products.  When allowed by the manufacturer, we also sell our skincare products for far less than the standard retail price!